It was established in 2013.

FORTING llc, Prizren

It is a distributor with exclusive rights for the distribution of Forta Fi asphalt reinforcement fibers and Forta Ferro concrete reinforcement fibers, of the FORTA CORPORATION company from the USA.

Forting llc, as a distributor, has exclusive rights in the countries of Southeast Europe: Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Moldova.

It also has reserved rights for Turkey and Israel.

A brief history of Forta Fi

Extensively tested throughout its 35-year history. The first FORTA -AR asphalt booster tested at the University of Texas in the mid-1980s had its drawbacks.

FORTA FI composition

It is a mixture of fibers of Aramid, Polyolefin and other materials in a bag of 500 gr. 19.4 million of Aramid fibers packed in a bag of 500 gr of Forta Fi / per ton of asphalt. This means 47 Aramid fibers per 1cm3 of asphalt.


To each ton of asphalt is added a bag of 500 gr of Forta Fi. Mix with the asphalt in the mixer for 15 to 20 seconds. There is no need for any modification: neither in the recipe, nor in the Asphalt Base, nor during the paving and compaction of the asphalt.